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Volunteering during Covid-19: Five things you can do to help others

The pandemic has affected us all and in so many ways. The situation finds some people out of work and looking for jobs, whereas others simply want to use more of their free time in a more meaningful way. Whatever situation you find yourself in, volunteering is a wonderful way to use your time, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only does it help those around you that may need some support, but it also enables you to grow in confidence, try new things and add sought-after skills to your CV.

There are many different areas of volunteering to delve into, for example:

1. Community roles

This could mean becoming a ‘community helper’. If you can drive and can spare a few hours a week, you may want to help a person in your community with doing their shopping or picking up their prescription. As the museums open, you may want to keep visitors safe by becoming a steward or visitor support officer. Perhaps you would love to be an online moderator for a community group or charity?

2. Advice roles

You could be volunteering for a service like Citizen’s Advice, or a patient advice service for the NHS. If you are an avid reader, perhaps you could help place and source book orders at your local library. Another role in this area you could do from home is one of helpline advisor for a mental health charity. At this time when loneliness and isolation are even more widespread, being a friendly ear and helping a vital service could make the world of difference.

3. Marketing/Journalism

If you prefer to be creative, why not offer your skills to a local hospital radio station? Perhaps a local media company needs an editor, social media manager or photographer? You could even become a volunteer blogger, marketing or promotion assistant or transcriber. This is also a great way to gain experience whilst building your skills.

4. Animal Welfare

If your passion is animals and wildlife, you could see if there are any volunteer positions at your local wildlife centre or veterinary clinic. Many animal adoption homes need dog walkers or helpers to feed the animals; perhaps your caring nature would be perfect for this role?

5. Charity roles

Within a charity, there are many different areas to volunteer in. Perhaps you could become a cook for the homeless, a fundraising officer, a campaign manager, or a trustee? You could also become a delivery driver or a shop assistant-  there are many varied and exciting roles available!


These are just some of the areas you could volunteer in and just because you may not feel comfortable venturing out, does not mean you cannot help. Volunteering today can, in many situations, be done over the phone or over video call from the comfort of your home, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For more ideas head to do-it.org to find volunteer work in your community.


Molly Latham


Article by Molly Latham. Molly loves writing and likes to use words as a way of helping others. Having a chronic illness and disability means she has a unique insight, that she feels can be used to help others understand and support each other. In her spare time, she loves baking, reading and making new friends. She also loves going on walks in the countryside with her boyfriend and dog.