employee brand ambassador

Turning each employee into a brand ambassador

You’ve probably heard of employer branding by now. Here are two quick tips on how to engage with each employee and turn them into your best brand ambassador:

  1. Make sure you give them the right work satisfaction tools

These tools can consist of providing training courses, access to great conferences, relevant work experience that helps them become better professionally, or from a humanitarian standpoint (CSR anyone?), offer them a variety of cost-efficient methods to allow for their continuous development and prepare them for success. Why? Their success will ultimately reflect on your company’s success. Maybe they are better prepared and they innovate more easily than your competitors, maybe they love your company because you help children in need or disadvantaged people and this provides human value to everyone involved, or maybe they just like to get a weekly reminder of how good they did their job or how they may improve their position in the company.

  1. Empower them, give them purpose, show them they matter

Make them feel important – because they are. They help you with your yearly profits and other successes, they support you in being that market leader you always wanted to be – you owe them for that special magazine cover you were on. That and so many other things would not be possible without the people that make your dream a reality every day. Mere ideas are not what changes the world – humans do, and their inner drive for putting effort into their beliefs and the beliefs of leaders with which they identify.

The employer brand is not something you choose – it is what you are as a company. You can always choose what you want your company to be; so choose wisely.


Vlad Onutu






Article by Vlad Onutu. He is a humanitarian involved in different social projects and an aspiring writer with a practical background in social media marketing and IT systems. His main purpose is to create value for others, no matter the medium of communication.