Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau

Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau: Why I started Workplace Today

(Article by Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Workplace Today)

We are living in truly extraordinary times. Many of us have used this period to pause and ask some important questions.

  • What are the things that matter?
  • Who are the people I simply cannot live without?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Do I feel happy and fulfilled in my work? 

These are some of the things that have been going through my mind over the last few weeks, as I decided to change my career goals and follow my dream of truly having a positive impact in the world.

This dream is shared by the fantastic, brilliant team I am lucky enough to have with me. Together, we decided that supporting others in understanding this new reality, the new workplace, how to be more inclusive, more flexible – in other words, just better at what we do as professionals and as humans – is the first step in what we want to achieve.  With that mission guiding us, we have launched the Workplace Today magazine.

This new workplace that everyone is talking about is being shaped every day by the positive choice each company makes to put its people first. Just look at the progress we’ve seen already! Six months ago, it would have been unfathomable for a business to have all its employees not only working, but thriving while being productive at home. I dare anyone to now say it cannot be done!

The fact that we have completely changed the workplace, opens the door to an abundance of other possibilities. The sky is the limit, because we’ve all seen it’s possible.

I like to call this T-zero. The moment of rebirth. We have been given this time to rethink our values and what we want our companies to be; who we are as individuals and what we want our impact and our legacy in the world and among our people to be. We have an opportunity – let’s use it wisely.

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Andreea Groenendijk.Deveau
Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau