Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid launches courses to support staff mental wellbeing

A recent article by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) shed light on the staggering effects of the pandemic on mental wellbeing. In general, 60% of adults have said that their mental health has deteriorated due to the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, according to a study by Mind. Young people have been especially hard hit, with 46% saying that their mental health was poor during the lockdown. Overall, 75% of young adults report lower mental health compared to 66% of adults. In light of this, everyone can benefit from a little extra training when it comes to helping others manage their mental wellbeing as well as learning to manage one’s own.

About Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a social enterprise specialising in the creation and delivery of mental health courses. The courses are meant for everyone who wants to learn how to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation due to mental illness. Some of the skills taught on the course include; recognising signs of poor mental health in others and one’s self, intervening and managing difficult situations and directing people on where to seek further help.

Managing mental health remotely

The latest courses by the MHFA are geared towards managers looking to learn how to support staff with their mental health needs online. Working from home comes with the added benefit of flexibility, but when not adequately managed it can have a negative impact on people’s mental health. The Mental Health Knowledge for Managers course can be delivered online through flexible modules. The aim of the course is to empower managers to help themselves and their team members better cope with the stresses of the pandemic, through guidance on creating healthy working habits at home.

General advice on staying healthy while working from home

  • Create a routine by waking up and going to bed at the same time. By creating a routine, you establish a rhythm to your working day that best suits you and also creates some structure in your daily life. There is much uncertainty in our lives at the moment and being able to exert some control over our lives is empowering.
  • Create the right environment. Try to work in a different place to the one you sleep or eat. This will allow you to separate your work life from your home life and will help you focus better and boost your productivity.
  • Create healthy habits for your mind and body. Exercising, eating a balanced diet and sleeping enough are three pillars to self-care. Taking regular breaks, going out for some fresh air if possible and practising mindfulness are another three ways through which you can lower stress and boost your productivity.