Romania launches first Diversity Chamber of Commerce in the world

The world’s first Diversity Chamber of Commerce has been established in Romania in order to promote the principles of diversity and inclusion in the country’s business community. The Chamber will serve as a forum where multinationals can interact with Romanian businesses run by individuals from minority groups, that have traditionally been marginalized economically — and in particular, women, the LGBTQ+ community, Roma, people with disabilities and others.

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Clifford Chance removes gendered language from its communication

Clifford Chance joins Freshfields and Quinn Emmanuel in removing gender-specific language from its contracts and other legal documents. Adopting gender-neutral language in legal documentation is beneficial to the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion in several ways, according to Clifford Chance’s website. Not only does it promote gender equality, but it also challenges unconscious assumptions about gender roles and recognises that not everyone identifies as male or female.

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Dorian Ilie, Communication Director at Rogalski Damaschin Public: Companies should connect with their audience in an authentic, relevant and emotional manner; don’t make it about you, make it about them

Transparency and empathy are of the essence in PR should always shine through in a company’s communication with its audience, especially as many businesses try to navigate the COVID crisis. Many companies lose sight of their audience’s needs which is why often their communication is not what it should be, explains Dorian Ilie, Communication Director at Rogalski Damaschin Public, who has more than ten years of experience working in the communication industry.

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