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Employee engagement – easy ways to keep your colleagues entertained

Every team leader knows that it is more than working together that creates a team. Shared interests, friendships, and mutual respect are essential to maintain harmony. The Covid-19 pandemic means that many companies are still operating remotely, but how can you as a manager keep up the work standard, whilst boosting the morale? Below are some useful tips for employee engagement and maintaining happiness in your workplace:

Mixing up teams

This enables colleagues in larger companies to get to know each other better and how other teams work.

Setting up various chat ‘channels’

A place where workers can comment and read information on various topics. There could be an ‘events’ channel, to write the itinerary for plans, or a ‘wellbeing’ channel to help colleagues talk about shared problems associated with the isolation at this time.


These are a great way to connect workers with similar interests. A book club, baking society or even work sports team are a great way of forming friendships in the workplace.

Daily updates

Team video calls at the start of the day allow individuals to have a plan for the day, to give feedback on any problems they have encountered and have the opportunity to voice any queries. Videos allow a more tangible interaction, with colleagues reminded of their unique role as part of a team. If CEOs and the leadership teams are present it creates a feeling of unity throughout the whole workforce.

Virtual ‘drop-ins’

This enables colleagues to voice particular or private concerns with management in confidence.

Virtual lunches/Coffee breaks

This could be with your team or others from another part of the company. As many are working in isolation, it is good to offer interaction wherever possible. Virtual lunches on apps like Zoom or Google Hangouts are a great option to have for those who fancy a wind-down in their lunch break.

Easy collaboration

By using apps like Google Sheets, colleagues can collaborate on files, projects, and presentations in real-time. This avoids confusing communication and keeps everyone updated.

Chain projects

Chain projects are a quick and easy way to interact in a fun way. One person could start a story with one sentence and email it to the person they normally sit next to, then everyone adds a sentence and what is left is a story full of twists and turns. Perhaps each morning someone could take it in turns to post a daily joke or positive mantra.


Molly Latham


Article by Molly Latham. Molly loves writing and likes to use words as a way of helping others. Having a chronic illness and disability means she has a unique insight, that she feels can be used to help others understand and support each other. In her spare time, she loves baking, reading and making new friends. She also loves going on walks in the countryside with her boyfriend and dog.