Tina Winchester, Mentally Well Workplaces: Employers can expect $2.30 ROI for every dollar they invest in the mental health of employees

In order to create a ‘mentally well workplace,’ there is a need to educate all employees about how to manage their own mental health and how to help others do the same. “Not everyone needs to or should be trained as a Mental Health First Aider but everyone needs a basic level of knowledge around mental health,” says Tina Winchester, the Director of Mental Health and Employee Assistance Programs at Mentally Well Workplaces.

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Mental Health First Aid launches courses to support staff mental wellbeing

A recent article by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) shed light on the staggering effects of the pandemic on mental wellbeing. In general, 60% of adults have said that their mental health has deteriorated due to the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, according to a study by Mind. Young people have been especially hard hit, with 46% saying that their mental health was poor during the lockdown. In light of this, everyone can benefit from a little extra training when it comes…

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Helen Marsden, Medichecks: Your health is something to invest in

A significant number of people have been using lockdown to create healthier habits, according to a study done by Medichecks, the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood-testing company. “We see the healthcare landscape as having permanently shifted to one where people are taking responsibility for their health and being actively encouraged by the government to do so,” says Helen Marsden, Co-founder and Director at Medichecks.

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